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6.1 Institutional Vision and Leadership

6.1.2 Does the institution have a Management Information System (MIS)?


6.2 Strategy Development and Deployment

6.2.2   :   Implementation of e-governance in areas of operations:

6.3 Faculty Empowerment Strategies

6.3.1 Teachers provided with financial support to attend conferences / workshops and towards membership fee of professional bodies during the year
6.3.2 Number of professional development / administrative training  programmes organized  by the College for teaching and non teaching staff during the year
6.3.3 No. of teachers attending professional development programmes, viz., Orientation Programme, Refresher Course, Short Term Course, Faculty Development Programmes during the year
6.3.4   Faculty and Staff recruitment (no. for permanent/fulltime recruitment):
6.3.5 Welfare schemes for teachers

6.4 Financial Management and Resource Mobilization

6.4.1 Audit report
6.4.2 Funds / Grants received from management, non-government bodies, individuals, philanthropies during the year
6.4.2 Total corpus fund generated
6.5 Internal Quality Assurance System
6.5.1 Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA)
6.5.2 Activities and support from the Parent – Teacher Association
6.5.3 Development programmes for support staff
6.5.4 Post Accreditation initiative(s)

a. Submission of Data for AISHE portal

b. Participation in NIRF

c. ISO Certification

d. NBA or any other quality audit

6.5.6 Number of Quality Initiatives undertaken during the year