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The Library of S.S.M. College of Pharmacy and Research Centre was established in the year 1982. The primary mission of the library is to support the teaching, learning and research programs for the faculty, students & research scholars.
The Library aims to develop a comprehensive collection of print and electronic resources useful for the faculty and the students of the college.
The library serves as a gateway to the electronic and print information sources in the form of Books, Journals, and CDROMs, assisting the library users in achieving their professional missions and advancement of knowledge through research and delivery of quality information

  • To manage the technological evolution of the digital library and the print resources.
  • To plan new ICT enabled facility, and reshape library services to fit the new environment.
  • To provide service excellence and timely access to information irrespective of user location and mode of access.

Sl No Name of the Staff Qualification Designation
1 Sri. M R ASKI M., M Phil. Assistant Librarian
2 Sri. M C  Kundargi B. Lib sc., M.Lib Library Assistant
3 Sri. L D Gundakanal B.A. Attender

  • Library Area:

  • Digital Library: 81.29

  • Library Seating Capacity: 100

Library is kept open from 9.30 am to 8.00pm on all the working days.

  1. Library books purchase: A circular will be served to all the faculty members for purchase of new titles and volumes, latest editions, based on the requirement by faculty members and students. Separate departmentwise list will be prepared and requirement order will be submitted to the supplier finalised by the Central Purchase Committee as per the negotiated rates decided by the management.
  2. Journal purchase policy
  3. Stock verification procedure: At the end of the academic year, the students & faculty will be asked to return the books to the library and stock verification will be initiated with the help of the Library Committee, consisting of two faculty members, then by taking into consideration of books lost and books damaged. A detailed report will be prepared and submitted to management.
  4. Library rules and regulations
    • Students must have the IDCard, whenever enter library
    • Maintain silence in the library
    • Turn the mobiles in the silent mode
    • Books should be returned within 15 days of issue
    • Journals are not issued out side

  • Current Awareness Services(CAS)

  • Reference Service

  • Online Publics Access Catalogue (OPAC) Service

  • Circulation of books

  • Reprography Service

  • Repository of old question papers

  • Inter library loan

  • Faculty Research Publication & Repository

The library features a multifaceted collection supporting education, research and administrative information needs of faculty, staff and students. Library users may recommend titles for potential inclusion to the collection. The following is the Central Library collection list:

  • Books: 6855
    • Purchased: 6405
    • Gifted books: 450
  • Journals
    • Current Print Journals: 25
    • International: 03
    • National: 22
  • Electronic Resources(HELINET Consortium Resources)
    • E-BOOKS: 3403
    • E-JOURNALS: 165
    • CD-ROMS: 48

  • Dissertation: 149
  • Newspapers
    • English: 01
    • Kannada: 01
  • Magazines
    • English: 05
    • Kannada: 01

  • e-journal Elsevier science:
  • JaypeeE-books:
  • Proquest data base- 1925:
  • shodh-ganga:
  • National library of medicine:
  • Pubmed Central:
  • Doab directory of open acces books:
  • Free books4 Doctors:
  • Flying publishers:
  • Pharmacyebook:

Sl No Name of the Staff Designation
1 Dr. Ramaling B. Kotnal Principal Chairman
2 Shri. S C Marapur Teaching faculty Member
3 Smt. Manjula Librarian Expert Member
4 Mr. Akashay Deshpande Postgraduate Student Member
5 Ms. Ravina Mehta Undergraduate Student Member
6 Shri. M R Aski Asst. Librarian Member & Secretary