Student Support Mentoring

Head of the college

Roles & Responsibilities

Liaising, when requested, with the Academic Mentoring Management Committee on issues relating to mentoring within the college

Facilitating the Mentoring process within his/her college

Encouraging Mentees to engage in the process within their college

College Office

Roles & Responsibilities

Provide advice and support on practicalities such as timetabling, room bookings and contacts

Support the mentoring process and deal with any other administrative responsibilities

Keeping an up to date virtual list of matches and mentors available

Act as a point of communication between the Committee of Professors and Academic Mentors when necessary

Keeping a record at the college level and also informing the College Office of ‘live’ mentoring relationships so that the list of available Academic Mentors can be kept current.


Roles & Responsibilities

Support the mentee to make an ‘Action Plan’ outlining their motivation and goals

Meet on a one to one or group basis to review the Mentee’s progress towards their desired goals

Use questioning techniques to facilitate the Mentee’s own thought processes to identify solutions and actions

Utilise active listening and communication skills to ensure the needs of the Mentee are being met within the mentoring relationship

Share relevant academic experiences/problems you have overcome (if appropriate)

Facilitate and encourage autonomous and enquiry-based learning, providing the Mentee with the tools to find their own answers

Sign-post the Mentee onto other support services should this be necessary

Attend continuous training to ensure that you have the appropriate skills to support the Mentee in their journey

Offer a ‘safe space’ for the Mentee to share their academic worries and concerns

Build mutual trust and respect


Roles & Responsibilities

A desire and ability to engage in the mentoring process

The time and commitment to pursue their goals

An understanding of the role and boundaries of the Mentor

Being punctual and prepared for meetings

Must respect the confidentiality of the relationship

Mentees must take ownership of the process

Sign-post the Mentee onto other support services should this be necessary

Class wise List of Mentors 2017-2018

Sr No Class Mentors Name
1 B Pharm I & II Semester Dr. S R Karajagi
Mr. H.M.Nanjappayya
Mr. A B Walikar
2 B Pharm II Dr. E N Gaviraj Mr. Somashekhar Metri
Mr. S S Biradar
Mr. S C Marapur
3 B Pharm III Dr .C V Nagathan
Dr. H Shivkumar Mr. Vinod Reddy
4 B Pharm IV Dr. C V Nagathan.
Dr. H Shivkumar. Mr. Vinod M.
5 Pharm D I Mr. S S Potadar.
Mr. R G Patil.
6 Pharm D II Dr. Mallinath P
Mr. V P Patil
7 Pharm D III Dr. B Shivkumar
Mr. V P Patil.
8 Pharm D IV Mr. Santosh Awasti
Mr. S Z Inamdar
9 Pharm D V Ms. Sunanda N
Ms. Pradeepti
10 Pharm D VI Mr. S M Biradar
Mr. S Z Inamdar
11 M Pharm Dr. B Shivkumar
Dr. E N Gaviraj
Dr. R V Kulkarni
Dr. H Shivkumar