Research Projects

Ongoing Research Grants

Name of Principal Investigator Duration of project Name of the research  project Amount / Fund received Name of funding agency Year of sanction Department of recipient
Dr. S. R. Karajagi 2 Years Hydrotropic solubilization and quantitative determination of selected drugs in pharmaceutical formulations Rs. 1.25 lakhs RGUHS, Bengaluru 2017-18 Quality Assurance
Mr. C.C. Simpi 2 Years Isolation and screening of bioactive compounds from some marine algae Rs.2.0 lakhs RGUHS, Bengaluru 2016-17 Pharmacognosy
Dr. B. Shivakumar 2 Years Synthesis and biological evaluation of some new novel heterocyclic compounds consisting of benzimidazole moiety Rs. 9.0 lakhs RGUHS, Bengaluru 2015-16 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. H. Shivakumar 2 Years Phytochemical screening, evaluation and isolation of bioactive molecules from Moringa olifera seeds for cardio protective efficacy Rs. 6.0 lakhs RGUHS, Bengaluru 2015-16 Pharmacology
Dr. Gaviraj. E.N 2 Years Aldose reductase inhibitors in indigenous plants for potential use in the management of diabetic complications Rs. 9.0 lakhs RGUHS, Bengaluru 2015-16 Pharmacognosy
Dr. R.B. Kotnal 2 Years Synthesis and biological evaluation of new small molecules for anti-tubercular activity Rs. 10.0 lakhs RGUHS, Bengaluru 2014-15 Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dr. B. Shivakumar 2 Years Synthesis and biological evaluation of of chalcones, pyrimidines, pyrazolines and pyrazole Rs. 40.0 lakhs VGST, Govt. of Karnataka 2014-15 Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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